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Oathouse is an independent professional commercial software and web application design house based in Moray, Scotland, delivering effective web applications and bespoke enterprise software to reflect exacting commercial needs.
We provide web software solutions that meet your precise specifications, on time and on budget.
Our web applications and web sites are properly tested, making them totally reliable and robust. And our commitment to elegant software coding practice means that our business software, web applications and websites are easy to develop and enhance as your business grows.
We are experts at communicating through words and pictures - we will listen to your needs and wants and provide a web software system that reflects them exactly. And while we know our subject inside-out, we promise not to bore you or dazzle you with geek-speak. Our commercial software solutions are always well-designed and stylish in their simplicity.

simplicity is key

Architects of web applications.

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Separating content from presentation and processes from data is where we excel. Each part of your business process and the software that helps you manage it should be compartmentalised and designed to be perfect in its own right.
Our business software and web applications harness the power of this multi-tier thinking, making them scalable and extendible. It goes without saying that we deliver on time and budget to your exact specifications.
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Communicating your message.

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We have a wealth of capability across the full spectrum of commercial and information skills. We are experts in business process design, marketing, graphic design, web design and web development, object-oriented design and development, web data systems, project management, and commercial business management. Based on Moray, Scotland, we work with businesses from all over the world.
You can rely on us to design the best software system to meet your precise needs.
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